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Eh- clarity is nothing when you keep your eyes closed
But reality is bleak so clarity's my foe
20/15 on my vision if it goes
Still think I'd be fine cuz' music's in my soul
Hearing aid be damned, I better hear my band
Plug 1, plug 2- feedback's my jam
I know I ain't dead when them levels start peakin
And I never played Kansas and I'm tryna hit Topeka
Fuck it I know I'll hit it
Snappin' a bunch of pictures
Hipstmatic on the mattress the passionate don't need lipstick
-- and neither does my dick but he really hates the glitter shit
Waking up to find he's the title of a twitter pic
Never live it down, cuz we only live it up
When the band wagon's full we'll just get a bigger bus
Load that shit up with some kegs in the trunk
By the time we hit DC we need to re-up
Tryin' to keep it movin', head above water still
Ain't been home in months, forgot to pay the water bill
Gained a few pounds, blame it on the water weight
Lost a few friends and it took a part of me
Ashame how you only see the change from a distance
But don't close shop you're giving them the business

We living too fast, we never pump brakes
We shooting for the stars but they always get away
We gonna take charge, we never gonna hate
All we wanna do is build take it to another phase
On another level where we never gonna' budge
And we want our paperback so you can go ahead and judge
Never cover up, we are doing what we love
Never wanna reach the finish cuz' we having too much fun

Wheels keep turning we tryna move it out
The old way wasn't workin' so we threw it out
Bumps in the road but we gon' smooth it out
Through our vices this life is priceless no doubt
Even through the hardships we ain't taking no shorts
No beg your pardons when you bet on our horse
Awkward little thing but you know we raise the stakes
And when we hit the finish line we just find another race
Tryna find the positive and shit upon the negative
I'm sick of people being complacent with just the way it is
And I ain't talkin' politics cuz' that facade is paper thin
I'm talking bout the spirit inside of us that can make us win
-- I've been trying to win for a minute now I'm in it
Thicker than a lick-a-made stick gripped between your digits
- go head and enjoy joy, I'm hollerin' oi oi
Cuz' i'll be fuckin' dead before I stop making noise boy
UH- teddy rukspin my music's from my guts
And every week I get a chance to keep from going nuts
I'm sick of all the ordinary-
And I've been more than ready-
To put the fucking status quo inside the mortuary
Close the door and then step into the sunshine
Cuz' I ain't slowing down if I only get one try

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