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Hard Bargain - text


The danger sets in just above the vest
Below the hairline, and above the neck
Thoughts get tangled, you look for angles
While the pressure builds up inside your chest
No rest for the ones who are not complacent
Push aside all the other ones who hate it
Robot cynacism, nerves of steel
And that's how you seperate yourself from the rest

Throw up the fractions and analytics
The pie gets chopped up by the cynics
With a dumbed down trend you can reach the masses
Get massive attention without the spinach
Talk shit on the machine when it behooves you to
Make sure its real easy to google you
Open yourself up like a can of worms
Now your whole world's spinning like a hula hoop
Used to think that you were the last bastion of hope
Like a pastor thinking his last passage was dope
But then you figure out that the same guy with his hand out
Has also got the mask and the rope
And now you're fucked up cuz' the hope inside
Just left and you feel like you been excorsized
And you finally realize that the ghost inside
Was the one little thing keeping you in hiding

Drive a hard bargain, never get stalled
If you want it less than you'll never have to say pardon
Rockin' them jawdens, take flight never look back
And they'll never have to ask who's all in
Keep your flaws in, you can write the small print
Fuck a lease you know why you bought it
Keep on roarin' heart of a lion
And you stay away from sirens while the rest get lured in

Rather be rapping over beatles tracks
You're still in the hay while I just build upon my needle stack

I'm the heart of the bargain
I want it less so you better not start it

She sold her love to a modern man
Cause solid currency's the hardest to love
All other modern hels you cover your eye
Don't let the lady finger blow in your hat

Feel like a daughter
She's like a star tonight
Without warning
She gave up
The ghost inside

Just like a whiskey bottle drained on the floor
She got no future, just a love to endure
This gives some matter to shaking her hide
'Too late to leave him' are the songs in her car

Feel like a daughter
She's like a star tonight
Without warning
She gave up
The ghost inside

They call it chivalry
Never pull a punch for free
You ever wonder why it had to move on
This phony article
That put you on the floor
A double standard
You envoke when you want

Feel like a daughter
She's like a star tonight
Without warning
She gave up
The ghost inside

Was it all for show?
To turn into all of them
Turning a page
Trust me darlin'
I'm carving 'em up through the dust in your town
Crawling over rubble just to sound me out
Tend to wonder why?

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