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Get On Board - text


My trains just about to leave the station
I'm headed somewhere but I know it ain't vacation
No pity but I guess I don't deserve one
I'm tryna blaze a path that I know my ass can learn from
Cuz I've been struggling some
But I know I got it better than most
And when I come back around
I guarantee we'll have something to toast
Drunk in the city and the thoughts start to wandering
Point a and b are the plots that you're pondering
You're tryna catch up without any condiments
Living with a vision imprisoning all your common sense
No maps and you can't make a phone call
Your gps is down cuz you went and held the phone wrong
Those 4gs don't appear inside your bank account
You always been too big to rock somebody's hand me downs
Always frowned upon some charity or hand outs
But having your own cake to do the same is paramount
Ethical egoism for the hypocritical
Thinking that your bigger than the people who are kin to you

I remember how it was back in high school
Spit a rap in class front like it's a haiku
Cuz you didn't like to share your love of rap then
Thought you sounded dorky cuz you didn't have an accent
Some people never get to sleep upon a box spring
Some people only care about penning they quatrains
Pardon me, but stanzas, can stand up
Tryna find a way for these bars to bust bad luck
But when the sun shines you open blind eyes
The minor chords turn to major and then time flies
Cuz' you're a kid again happy to be a citizen
Living on a whim and you managed to shake the bitterness
The boy meets the world he's tryna find topanga
Finds himself inside a web that tries to keep him tangled
Hang ups can frustrate the search don't stop
Even when she's doing cowgirl you're still on top

They told me dumb it down
I told em' smarten up
They told me easy pal
I told em yall are nuts
I believe that I'm am tired of being forcefed
Even if that means I am listening to the door slam
I've seen some doors close walking down the primrose
The disappointments only open other windows
The fresh air means that hope is tryna holler
I'll keep it 1 hundred with or without any dollars

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