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Feeling kinda hoarse today, so no horse play
All business. Skip the fun foreplay
Skin thickness triples by the minute -
- with a promise that you made saying that you'd never quit it
The decisions that you made that you live with
Take a second [to] recognize what the gift is
Never re-gift it. Never exchange
No Yankee swap. You're a Phillie - don't trade
No Abreu. No McNabb. No collapse
No team colors. Only what's under that P cap
Wear black cause the spectrum's been gone
The wach center started hosting rounds of ping pong
You wanna be a champion- slam the ring on
You feeling outkast, wear a mask you Kling on
Fix up; get a track to sing on
Your auto-tune blues build your wordly kingdom -
-but that shit can shatter. The shit that matters -
- ain't on your wrist or in fashion
It exists within your own passion
You want it to spread, but instead it gets bashed in
Fuck-- but the people keep clapping
Reasons are wrong. Chalk it up to shit happening
Bills get paid, so hey you gon' cash in
Time to get fat, and splurge; no more rations

Start the clock. Hit the lights
We got time to make it right

I ain't stoppin' until the breathe's gone
And even then I'll probably hit em with the death song

Show the scars that you earned
Need the pain to help you learn

We cut through that - old bullshit
Burning fires from retired old pulpits

Talk your shit. Be yourself
Play the cards that you've been dealt

I don't fake well, but I shake chills
Still here and I'm sipping on DayQuil

Top shelf- even when my health is in question
So please quell all the questions
No more guesses. Full court press
And your point got caught, then called for ???
Damn- we dont' even use our subs
Cover enough bases to shake basement clubs
Wake up motherfucker. Fuck your payment stub
My labor's love-- ask your girl's labia
--it knows it, and so does her hymen
My mind can shine when I'm rhyme but I am not golden
Time can't stretch and I can't control it
They throw punches that I just roll with
Black and blue. My bruises get scolded
Can't shake the pain but I can dull it
Too busy for ridgety. No soul shit
Still tryna fly, but I'm grounded at Dulles

For all my lovers, and all my haters
I throw a cup up full of that makers
I know it sucks sometimes -
- but luck is blind
We grind, and you never gonna shake us
Take the mask off. My rap sauce stays gazpaucho
So cold, but the cheese is nacho
Caliente, and oh so liquid
When I get it I'm gonna scramble -
- like Michael Vick's pitts
Number 1, and I'm starting now
Little kids only worry bout a party foul
I'm about to bring a gnarly sound
It's Friday at 5:30 you can party now

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Freestyle Friday

E-dubble texty

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