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One of the only white rappers not rockin' a buzz cut
Chuckle until they see me spit and then they know whats up
Bum rush the city when i left the illadel
I moved to baltimore once we copped us a citadel
YE- BP my teams, I'mma spit until I can't or till I get out my dreams
I.E ma ma ma misster 52 weeks, bigger catalogue than mafuckin' ll bean
Dilla silly with the beats
Willy wonka with the treats
No filler, go iller pull the people out they seats
No frills go ill prez obama with the speech
Teleprompt the rocket launcher akmadinajhad beef
BOOM- goes the dynamite, the mafuckin' time is right
To pull out all the stops and make it pop like a hymen might
Yuck and its gonna get worse too
Think of all the things i mighta said on verse 2
But fuck a verse 2, I'mma keep it terse
WHO- ever want a chorus go ahead and cop my first two
ALBUMS you can find em' up on i-tunes
Spicy and sweet its kinda like your eating thai food
And I choose to go and buy MY FOOD from friend kitchen
Cuz' I'm bigger than A Typhoon
And I'm sorry that's an inside joke
Lighten the tone a lil' bit for my been high folks
Filthy slap with the bracelet
Raps from the basement
Now we overground and the sound got a facelift
And we do this shit all by ourselves
Black paisley homeboy already got my help
From toothache to ben skrank
Too long been anne frank
No more hidin' i decided we riding for this thang
We got the thinktank some inglorious basterds
Even spelled it with the "e" so tarantino would thank us
Fuck Sanka and all that decaf
I spit that epinephren put you up into rehab
And WE have ourselves quite a conundrum
And if you're not a fan yet I hope you become one

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