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Coming of Age - text


Through all the good things, and all the hardships
And all the times that we thought that we lost it
We hold our heads high, and keep our chins up
Cause when we die, well, at least we did something
We- went for broke when we found a cause
We- took the path that they said was wrong
So when that song plays, you know where you where
The day we live for. The day the truth worked
Work, work. Yeah the truth works
At the very same time, yeah, the truth hurts
Been taught our whole lives just to shoot first
I'mma keep living 'til they put me in that new hearse

Keep on moving, steady screaming out "EH!"
And we only get one, so damn it we gon' "EH!"
Too big to fail, they bail, we gon' stay
Put our time in hard, we all coming of age

They've been speaking from the roof top. I've been on the ground floor
With my fucking boom box. Trying to play it loud for 'em
They don't wanna hear that, but they'll play anything
Call me John Cusack. I will say anything
To keep the truth mixed in I will be the sixth man
Living in a different world. Look at this wingspan
Fuck it I can fly high. Pockets still way low
So I don't play games. Never seen a Halo
I ain't trying to hate though. Got my own vices
Help me get through, but they still love crisis
So we do the give and take. Looking for the give and go
I be setting screens so mean Doc Rivers called
But I'm on a different grind, and time has never been abundant
Your family stays modern when you play Al Bundy
Negative as fuck, but your heart's in the right place
Paying life's toll so appreciate the chump change

On my grown shit. I've been walking tightropes
And that stress is a mess so I might smoke
While I ponder all the things that calm me
Friends and my family. Hand me my palm trees
'Til I learn something. Hop up out the jerk store
[???] Larry David I'm on the search for
And I don't need the money, but I need the freedom
Either way I'm writing, and I'm never leaving
'Till I'm satisfied, satiated, gratified
Hunger for the better times. Constitution ratified
[???]. Tryina see if I can actualize
Drug store poet, cause that motherfucker's better high
Ugh! And we'll be laughing at the politics
Fucking all the pretty girls we used to have a problem with
Yeah. Break hearts then they JDate
Searching for the holler bread. Baby you are way late

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