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New socks, new clothes, and new songs
Next day they're old so just move on
The food was thoughtful so chew on
The leftovers left something to stew on
At the local bar you get carded
Like a worm who's in the wrong garden
How fuckin' long you been gone?
What's great about there?
He changed; I called it
The beer's better than the times you remember
You and your brain shared different agendas
No big deal- 50 percent was a waste- maybe more
But you lived on the fence then
Now you off it, but stay on even when the lights dimmed
While you try to stop yawning
Cuz' you want sleep
But you preach its the cousin of death
So stop loving the rest- follow your own damn sermons
-the hard work might force you to sleep
But it seems that you earned it
-its not mellodrama but you wish it was
Its real life and it cuts you up
Fix up for a minute with a kiss and hug
Then its back to your thoughts and you ditch the trust
Everyone still thinking your the lucky one
But you think they're jepetto so you cut and run

[Bridge (Sufjan Stevens)]
When the night falls
We see the star of wonder
Wonderful night falls
We see you
We see you there

[Hook (Sufjan Stevens)]
I see the stars coming down there
Coming down there to the yard
I see the stars coming down there
Coming down there to my heart

The old backyard's like a snow globe
You can still see the grass through the snow though
And even that is nostalgic the ups and downs
From concrete verse grass make your glass look yo-yo
No strings though, so when that cup looks full
You believe it even though you heard Bingo
Somebody called the numbers- you just mumbled
And now you wondering why you stumbled
Shoe laces tied up, your engine fired up
The lights couldn't get no brighter
Fighter inside you is done adapating
You were built for this shit now you ready for action
- but no cameras this time
The wind chill cuts and you hear the windchimes
Yeah-like a starters pistol
The red button lover like you dodged a missle- declined
Cuz' you don't need a pick up
You figured it out no need to stick up
You been on it for some breadcrumbs
-that is better than peddling for the redrum
Yeah- so don't scream bloody murder
You don't need to be loud we heard ya
-look at the stars for example
They've been quiet as shit but I'm thankful

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