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Cloak and Dagger - text


I am soaked in swagger, cloak and dagger
In a 3/4 length like I drove a Jaguar
-- Or an '04 Maxima
Who cares about my car? I'm the fucking janitor
Nobody, because I clean the house
And when the beat comes on I make 'em scream and shout
Filthy. And when that shit pops off
I'll be sippin' pop off like a fucking rock star
A broke one at that. The cold ease is packed
I keep popping zinc. The cold season's bad
There's no need to hate - we laugh at ourselves
Consignment on time. My record's on shelves
Where the fuck's yours? I grind when you're bored
Protected by skills. My neck to that floor
My hand to my nuts. My luck was just up
To tell the truth now, I'm dope as fuck

Yep. Filthy Slap Bracelet is back
But not really
I'm just kidding...
Salvadore Denali up next
Get 'em
Eastern shore

I am Johnny Mnemonic, spread the Bubonic
Got all the little children hooked on my phonics
Super Sonic Dikembe Mutombo
Crooked die hunch cigar chunk Columbo
Been known to flow where the sun don't shine
Dark mechanics in the analyst of times
Stay on the grind, itty-bitty
Peace of mind
Life in the city seem to be such a serious time
I give the masses somethin' they like
And my glasses try to squint through the dumb they like
I might buy some cheap shades
Hit 'em with the Vinidrays when I take the center stage
Gotta make a living wage
Want a Bloody Mary? Nah I'd rather have a Molotov
Political party man, tell me where it's poppin' off
Honest to a faultline, scribble when I'm offline
All nine, hard count, got 'em caught offsides
In your style like a soggy sea biscuit
Watch my doggy thick pop
Got your red lipstick, mystic hip hop
For the well-dressed misfit
Filthy Slap Bracelet, it land on your wrist
Give Black Paisley another crazy addition
The label that pays me, I wave at the admission
A crazy physician
Show 'em how I operate, hip hop anonymous
A lot of shit is commonplace
And rap's got a common face
And MCs share a common fate
And there's a lot on Obama's plate
So we should probably conversate
And figure out what's going on
Cause I'm not sure what's really going on
And the beat might end kinda soon
But this is poorly produced
You'll hear it soon

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