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Freestyle Friday 15,it's middle school month, May, let's go!

Age thirteen, living life awkward
8th grade sucks so we're looking for a bargain
Chillin' in the parking, lot like its cool
When really we're the fat kids swimming in the pool
The girls like assholes tiny lil' rascals
Couldn't pull a chick even with a lasso
Not that I tried, it was easier to be cool
Even though our attitudes were really just see through
All them insecurities mountain like the Pyrenees
Don't wanna see myself cover up the mirror please
Why am I taller than all of my teachers?
And why I gotta wear this grown man sized tee shirt?
Chillin' in the bleachers, tryna skip gym class
Why run a mile while YOU need slim fast
You get a hall pass, I'm the new substitute
Can't tell me nothin' so go and bug another dude

I got hair on my nuts
And I can be scary as fuck
And all I wanna do is some bad shit
Got a good family but I'm actin' like a bastard
And they tell me I'm smart
But that ain't gon' get me no broad
So for now I'm the class clown
Swallow the emotionst then pull the mask out

At the middle school dance
Mister DJ please play our anthem
Requests are granted
Discman skips and the tables shaky
When the beat cuts off you piss off the ladies
The boys just laugh cuz' we caught a break
And now its back to the wall to just stall and wait
Hoping that a girl got the balls to say
"You wanna slow dance boy, the man's about to play"
And lucky for you, my two left feet stayed home tonight
So you can take off your shoes, and I'll make all of the moves
Keep them lil' petite feet on mine you got nothing to lose
No alcohol to quell the inhibitions
We fight those with jokes about kissin'
Both got braces break the ice with em'
Same orthodontist, yes, he's a dickhead
Grab your girls, and i'll grab my homies
Everyone's happy cuz' now we ain't lonely
Wasn't that hard regards to those phonies
Still play the wall and actin' so ornery
Shake them off and slip on them tiles
Who you call losers tonight are on fire
Improvised dancin'like Jack McGuyver
But the lights come on -- WE don't know how to say bye cause-

We rockin' to some slow jams
You grind on my OH DAMN
The teacher says none of that
Tryna seperate us, come on now where's the fun in that

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Freestyle Friday

E-dubble texty

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