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Clap On Clap Off - text


Freestyle Friday, but this ain't a freestyle
Took 5 minutes just to lay this beat out
And I'm on my feet now
Never gon' lay down
Black Paisley is the mother-fucking name now
Barker get my name out
Try to keep the lames back
Tell them how a little bit of truth can bring the game back
And I'm on my honest shit
My pres' Obama shit
Take responsibility for things we promising
And I can't promise shit
But I won't compromise
Not the type a dude try to keep the people polarized
'Less we talking sun shades
Cause I got my Blue Blocks
And I'm still inspired by the Biggies and the Tupacs
I'll go hard my word to y'all
Cause we need some new shit to keep the youth involved
Howard Zinn just past. Keep the truth involved
3 wars going on. Got the troops involved
2010 not looking any better than the rest yet
So broke people dying over rent checks
Not me cause I need to keep inventive
Bending over backwards Ben Bernake with the bench press
He's got a tough job
We in tough times
You want eloquence?
I got tough rhymes
And I bust rhymes
I'm up in hampden sippin' brandy with a blue straw
And I'm new y'all, at least to you all
But I'm tryna to keep it moving like a U-Haul
I'm like Too Tall Jones. In fact
- I'm one better. Send a letter; get that nickname back
And we toke. No joke. Send that Bic flame back
Bwoka woka with the flame. The Sesame Street frat
--- all I'm tryna do is kill in 2010
Love or hate it, and debate it. Go and share it with a friend

E-Dubble. I pop rhymes. I pop shit you want all the time
I drop tracks. I sing raps. I make beats that'll make you fucking clap
Clap, clap, clap. Clap on, clap off
Got the clapper sitting up on my wall
And I'm off. o - o - off. Off it, off it, off it, off

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Freestyle Friday

E-dubble texty

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