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My life's a board game, but I'm never bored mayne
I lose my keys, then I'll just smash in through the door frame
I'm writing stories while I'm living' life in real time
I'm fightin' for the glory even' though it's undefined-
Stop plagarizin' all my shit
I just made another lane and I done paved that shit
Put a hammer to the game and rearrange that bitch
You need to feel a little pain so you can tame that shit

When we fall for shit, we fall hard for it
Caution to the wind and I'm off again
Bargain bin sale for the Band-Aids
Better buy bulk cuz' I'll rip skin off again
No doubt, never stop with the scrapes and skids
Feels like I just been raking in shit
This ain't money and it sure ain't fun
And it feels like I been bathing in piss
No golden shower this the hour
We stand up tall like a fuckin' tower
And get so hard these fuckers back down
None of us even had to pop Cialis
Take 2 sips from the pimpin' chalice
Wonderland sans that trip with Alice
Walkin' hard so my feet get calloused
More pain than pleasure but we'll find a balance
I'll tip my cap to those people that
Can put 25 different things on their back
And still toe the line and keep on track
Disciplined passion hate on that
No white towels, have to wait on that
Stronger than them put some weight on that
And I'll never get rusty but if I do
I have pabs help me go and throw some paint on that

Board games and mortar paste
My mind's more cluttered than a hoarder's basement
I'm about to clean house, figure out how to go about
Selling these mind erasers
Time is wasted when I am wasted
But I keep thinkin' bout the time and place
When I get to go grind and sip mai thais
All at the same time and avoid the shakes
Find the pace, shake the hate
I'm a dirty guerilla no bathing ape
Keep your style I'll abuse all the substance
Bath in wine- while you squash the grapes
I'm draped up and dripped out
My verses get shit out
I write so fast, that the ink can't dry
My keyboard's my friend now
And fuck yeah I been down- but now I'm gon' stand up
The Blackhawks may have won, but P town knows what's up
I'm in the B but I'm from the P
And I'm workin' on repping that DMV
Don't bother lookin' for me on your TV
They want the free, but don't love the speech

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