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Animalistic with your insticts
Walk around confident that your shit stinks
Leave your mark on em'
And you can't be bargained with
Shit's so butter but they sellin' you margarine
Don't buy it, keep trying
Save your strength for what you been eyeing
Both eyes open, patches ain't pirate
Caribbean dreams are unseen but I digress
Into the present tense, we all hesitant
Ain't one of us heaven sent
Emotions build up so you better vent
Stick out like sore thumbs in that leather vest
But even in that thing you are not an an-imal
Even in hampden on the avenue
Fanny pack looking like a kangaroo
Whatever you need to keep up that mandible

I change shapes just to hide in this place
But I'm still, I'm still an animal
Nobody knows it but me when I slip yeah I slip
I'm still an animal

Ups and downs with the peaks and valleys
I reach my palace and its in the alley
- no cage, more like my jungle
Thoughts run free but my ego's humbled
Wish everyone still could hope for
The things they dreamed and could leave that dope for
But I'm a realist and I'm revealin'
The things that cut me, so fuck these feelings
Cut the reeling, it's time to cast again
Blast off, mask off, fuck the oxygen
Time continuum my mind is asking when
The pain will stop we fade to black again
Shades of grey absolutes no truth to em'
- no line in the sand I cruise through em'
That troll that bridge I'm used to em'
Pay no toll easy pass never lose to em'
Price is wrong so I shop for deals
No carrey cuz' barker has got the wheel
Long road but we never gonna stop for meals
We just hammer on - like a glockenspeil
Cop a feel on the tits of life - I just might
While I relish the hate I taste it's like spice
On my tongue my ven-om does not require spite
Unliked - thirst is quenched without sprite

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