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ke the fact that I am still a fucking freshman, even though I graduated
Used to shit talk for inspiration, so I'm glad you hated
Nom I'm at the top of my game because of hesitaiton
Waited till I knew I could kill em' I'm like a regulator
Thought I'd make a warren g reference but i didn't
-- I'm talking stephen kidding cuz' I'm on some other shit-it
Quit-it with the bait and switch
Your product's looking fake as shit
Prolly shoulda done some research before makin' it
And I ain't hatin' it
I kinda like it--- even
It's like a compass tellin' me which way to bob and weave
I prob-ably should never even doubted in the firstplace
Rap never died she's about to have a birthday
Heard em' say, somethin' bout livin' till your murked- HEY
My hope is still alive but my attitude is in the grave
Lane is paved, crumbling roads, chinua ach-ebay
Things fall apart, i need some roots to pull me out of it
How did this, happen that the game is over-crowded
With a bunch of fuckin' clowns look at his nose he powdered it
I'll ryan howard it
I'll ye- power it
--- the 7 footer that you never shoulda doubted
And I'm right back in it even when the drums drop out
Fuck the industry cuz' the shit is all pop-now
Fuck a CD you will never see me drop now
Quit bitchin' bout your label cuz' that is just a cop-out
I'm like a philadelphia phillie with my stripes on
Freestyle friday equivalent to pipe bombs
Quite gone sippin' starbursts till the lights off
My p cap fitted lets you know I like my Dice Raw
And like him you won't see me on late night
My jetback fueled up I'm might take flight
Date night going till the bra unfastened
I'm bout to round the bases you can call me reggie jackson
Maybe even bo, cuz' you know I know best
I'm a renaissance man if you didn't know it yet
I'm sorry for the bragging but the humbleness is stumbling
I had a bad day and my stomach keeps a rumbling
Tumballin', turnin' like I'm alice up in wonderland
I'm tryna bridge the gap but its bigger than the cumberland

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Freestyle Friday

E-dubble texty

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