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Narcotics Anonymous - text

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some days I make love to strange drugs and hug space
tongue-kiss sun rays, from the gutter, wake
up huddled, lay face smothered waist up in rain puddles
breath utters phrases that make bubble, waves
spray up in subtle rain -- my veins are shuttle lanes
I suffer pain, but I what I gain from it hangs
tougher, I came from another plane and I'm f*** in
unrestrained, my brain smuggled in chain cutters
forced to live on Earth but I'm free from reality,
so much drink, the street seems like a balance beam
so much weed, I seem to think things are after me
so much speed, the police won't even challenge me
need an anology? I'm nitro burning
I spin the biggest hits, like a cyclone turning
DJ's replace your needles with hypo-dermic's
everybody, quiet on the set, the psycho's working

I've seen the greed
and the evil in people
I'll be your preacher,
your teacher, your leader
but what I need is a reason
to free my wings
and fly as high as my eyes can see
now follow me out

follow me, everybody swallow these
I just spotted three lovely honey's you gotta see
we can try to be a team, like a colony of bees
in hollow tree, cuz I wanna pollenate a queen
I got, quality E, that'll probably be
enough to turn a raver lady to a slut, we'll see
cuz all I really need when I'm on ecstasy
is chicks sittin to next to me, with butts to squeeze
it's pretty easy to please Mr. DZ, see me
breathing the greenest weeds, season to season
I'm the emcee, emcees wanna be kid
yeah got a hit, yeah got a fix, need it?
then open wide, daddy's gonna feed you
so much smoke, you just may choke and cry
I'll put so much toxic chronic in your bong hit,
you'll cough so hard, you'll often vomit from it
I don't use pills for inspiration
I keep taking em till I can hear what they're sayin
then I just steal their material, record it and you play it
thinkin I'm the greatest, so I score more, and make hits
twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five, you can bet I'm high
dead, alive, whatever, I'm getting by, just fine
I met a guy on-line, -- that can get me any kind,
gimme mine, I'm pennin so many rhymes, I'm
runnin outta time, I plan for cancer
I already tried to sign up for organ transplants
I hang with guys who look like they tour with Manson
just to find the quickest sh** I can afford to handle
probably die before forty, but of course I'll chance it
the fellas'll get jealous cuz my corpse is handsome
I should've been aborted like the boys from Hanson
but I wasn't so I might as well enjoy it, damn it

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