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Yielding the Iron Fist - text

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An unholy misdeed, performed by one of many. A recurring act which sees the same breed fall victim to its legacy. Devouring, consuming, infecting a utopia. Remorseless acts of pure repugnance.
Forever scarring a once beautiful province, a nightmare to all who shall try and oppose. For its legions always appear too numerous. As this immortal war, spreads forever more. Defiance seeming the only option as there is no cure for this persistent sickness. The overseers impede the righteous reaction.
Encouraging total surrender by all - a castigation to a bitter entity. Apprehension results as minor distruption to their headlong rush of nihilism.
Confined to an agreeable incarceration, to associate, mentor, recruit their kind.
To strengthen the numbers, to formulate another efficient genocide. The overseers never offer assistance to the hostile onslaught - ending the righteous reaction.
Defiance, aprehension, proven wrong. The only option left: an unholy misdeed, performed by you. An act which saw you fall victim to its legacy.
Any who disagree with their iniquity shall be cast down with the enemy.

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Enduring the Massacre

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