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Emphatic oaths of hypocrisy intent on democratic autocracy. Defile another unknown nation. Futilely seeking personal salvation. Welcome to the home of the free - land of endless opportunity, never ending liquidation strokes the fires of determination.
Never confess these atrocities. Pillage with increasing ferocity appropriating assets without prior consent to what your land solely represents. Decrepit rules survive as excuses shrinking away from he who abuses serving to impose patriotic demeanour. Defenseless executions through attainment of honour.
Raping the corpses of fallen threats, stripping the earth without claim to debt. Calumniate depraved undertakings, impertinent methods of deterrence. Give to the rich, steal from the poor. Bleeding from the tool until it breathes no more, nothing remains but barren waste. The decaying carcass has been raped. First and only into the fray. Abandon hope, outlived the day strike the titan enshrined by trust. Return the pathetic to the dust.

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Annihilate to Liberate (EP)

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