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You won´t have other Gods besides me
Or images will do for you
Nothing what there are in the skies or in the earth
My name won´t speak in vain
These are my holy laws to you
And they are perfect for you.

Remember my sabbath, and keep it holy
Honour your parents and you´ll live
Don´t kill your brother, there´s no reason
You´ll never betray your wife
These are my perfect laws to you
And the are holy for you.

The law is eternal love
And rules our attitudes
If you trust in God
You will be strong
Give your life to God
Walking always in truth
Accepting the laws
You´ll never be wrong.

The Lord knows our path
He knows why we´re here
We just accept your desire
The Lord send us the law
This is all we need
To be a winner in our life.

You won´t rob for you are not a thief
Don´t tell lies against your neighbor
And you´ll never desire your bother´s house
or the thing that are in it
These are my sacred laws to you
And they´re base for you.

These are the base of laws
and they are sacred for you.

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