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Barricades - text


Crowds are chanting
For the crown of the king
These tyrants’ vices
Will rot in defeat

Scream it from all the rooftops
Paint it on the walls
A single voice will rise
That will define our very law
Echo’s of the onslaught
On lips of rulers gone
But none could stand to
The mighty hand of Genghis Khan

Children choir - Rise up in power
And never give it up
Children Choir - Fight for the fallen
This land is floating in their blood
Children Choir - We need you here now
This history will be made
Children Choir - By only those on
The right side of the barricades

Headsman holds
The crown of the king
Soon he will find
His own steady swing

Torn victims of this one law
Meager meet the need
As poor will fight and toil
In battles rich men never see
Dictators words make
The best of pawns
Again this poison seeps in
That all began with Genghis khan

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