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Connected with the Universe - text


Hey little blue world
Whence we came here?
And why?
I just want to say, the light is born in day
like me and you again.
And river reaches the sea on the end of every way
So what’s wrong?
That we fight and what for?
God give me the answer.

Only you can change the evil in the love.
Only you can look into the eye of the child.
Only you can see his pure and deep light.
Only you can feel every pulse of heart.

About camps and killing fields,
about the holocaust.
OK, said the Lord:
War it’s not my job,
I made birds in the sky
singing wind and the sun
sleeping stars on the branches
not the guns, my son.
Answer is in one
in the miracle of you.

Now tear down this wall
what is inside of you
between all the lies
and plain human truth

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