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Affraid of Dusk - text


Evening is coming and you´re ready to go
Your blood is boiling in your veins
And you are ready for the show

Words are outrunning your thoughts
Stories blend to themselves

Catch the breath and
Feel the light again

When you are the only one who knows
Words are outrunning your thoughts
Stories blend to themselves
You feel so safe in this place
But the morning is approaching

Like the storm
Your eyelids are heavy
Something is going wrong
Get back into the flow
Consequences put aside
Every second counts
So live right now

Touch the ground
The world is upside down
Turn around

Nothing's behind you
Nothing's in front of you
There's no right choice
Maybe next time
Is this for the last time?
Or is this forever?
This is your last time
Don´t ever say never

Just imagine
what kind of life you can have
All the certain things
You can count on that's what you hated
Ordinary life
But now you have to choose
Certainty or fear
It´s an obvious thing right now

Would you step back
To live your life again
better way

This place was so safe
But the morning is reality

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Video přidal DevilDan

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