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A Different Perspective - text


When the sun shines cold
There's a path you see so clear now
So many times you were told
There's no other way to go
It seems so easy at this time
You shouldn't cross the line
Nothing more that you should do

You feel full of will to live
The world looks just so simple
Be the one you wanted to be
And forget all that painful moments
When you realize
That you are going straight to damnation

What do you dream about
Where are the chains that bound you
Losing the chance to escape untouched
But you still think you can make it
How does it seem right now
When you're looking from
A different perspective

Your footsteps sink into the ground
There's not much to go on
Fear of becoming just a dust is all around
It drags you down
Make yourself sure again
That's the only one step to your redemption

Pleasure changes to your perdition
But when you try to come back
Everything's just a huge waste of time
Of your helpless mind

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