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Redemption of the conquered, an erroneous belief
Demoralized and beaten, introduction to the apex distinction
No need of trepidation of your trivial existence
Solemn acceptance engulfed, finally knowing your place
Bow down, bow down, plead, beseech
Hopeless, hopeless, pray, no reply
Searching for imagined glimpse of pity, begging for shards of empathy
Empty, empty, soul, demise
Resigned thoughts of escape never to resurface
Relinquished objection, coping mechanism
Vital subservient mission in your new abode
World of dominion, the pain endured
Control never to sway, the simple commands
Fresh lexicon, must obey
You must suffer for the master
Deep need to please is survival, your reward is the proof
Small steps to earn approval, loyalty devotion
Weak attempt to avoid provoking, punishment due to be paid
Defiant, mutiny, you must pay
Dehumanize the subject, watching hope extinguish from your eyes
Vacant ego, empty gaze, humiliation complete
Unable to fathom the world you knew, no desire, or vision for escape
Obedient servitude, appease the heavy hand of discipline
Believe, this is not your life, death to come when you're worthless

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