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Ideological Subjugation - text

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Marching orders out to the masses
The agenda set by the extraordinary
Rules of engagements not for the radical
No conditions needed for chaos
The flames of discontent
Now they will burn
Instigate, occupy
Bedlam is here
Time to punish the few who succeed
Level the playing field, claim your equity
Shown by the organizers is proof enough
Possessing the knowledge that they're fucked up
The goal of disorder and the notch of arrest
Fills your back-story and who you detest
Will there be a time to pay for this shit?
Maybe after the earned professorship
The lames of discontent
Now they will burn
Instigate, occupy
Bedlam is here
With the moral equivalence of Satan
Channeling karma back in their face
Rabble rousing has fired up the morons
Directed to push until they're disgraced
Make it known to disagree is not allowed
No diversity of thought is tolerated
Now they are whom is hiding in the closet
Fear of reprisal from phony hatred
This banishment is not fitting
Must be made to suffer
Swarmed upon, hordes of fools
It's the end of an era
The guiding of hostilities
Of utopia rising
It's the end of the debate
Witness the silencing
Prepared gangs of radical combatants
Armed with the PC banner to surround
Parading out disgraced goliaths
Showing the rich knows no bounds
With the help of the loyal media
The cost of dissent shown as an example
Must be nice for the Kool-Aid drinkers
One-way rules, the unwanted are trampled

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