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Hopeless Insurrection - text

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Technological pariah, daunting powerful adversary
Always changing arsenal, means to match intimidation
Taking advantage of the window of dominance
Mesopotamia to Rome, earned right of an empire
Inferiority a sickness, only cured by ambition
Desire for revenge, fucking drive, determination
Proof of power, eradication assured
Unequaled supremacy, fleeting determination
Greek fire spreads panic, watching vessels burn
In the distance trebuchets, fornication overturned
Dreaded Gatling guns, apprehension to move forward
Shrouded killer subs, in the depths of a nightmare
V-2's from somewhere, horror in the skies
Trepidation over napalm, contagious panic spread
Suffocating mustard gas, despondent villages abandoned
Predator drones overhead, silent unmanned assassin
Until the response, match the outcome facing inward
Destined to obey, or face the vile consequences
Rage replaces righteousness, no way to fight back
Rattle the cage of those who feel secure
False belief in strength
Easy way to get dissected
Something more than a saber,
Stirs resentment, lower existence
Others rise to prominence,
Transparent gloating fuels disgust
Resolve of a sickened nature,
Pressing to overcome
Indifference a way of life,
Fundamental instinct
Occupying fear,
Imposing your will, on those who can't resist
Predator of hope,
Submitting you souls, begging for sympathy
Marauder of faith,
Anticipation of any thing to help you
Searching for mercy,
No pity for you, fucking worthless

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