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Die with Integrity - text

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Thorn in the side of accepted evil
Judged guilty among my peers
Only one sentence given
Everything's in order no choice no fear
Intractable resistant nuisance
Inflexible determination
On my way out
Not like a bitch my own terms
Die with integrity
Caught in the wrong can't accept demise
No path of redemption, present only lies
Won't come crawling, begging, honor is on the line
Marked for death this time, no other way out defined
Not like a bitch my own terms
Die with integrity
No punishment completed
Deserved sentence passed me by
Will not go willingly
Must be forced to comply
I will pay eventually
Warranted fatality
Some will have to go for the ride
The tempest of death inside
My principles disputed, by my own hand
Cessation of respect, a sadistic last stand
It's not vital, to kill so many of you
Reputation precedes me, ferocity is loose
All who shall perish, dreamed of their victory
Your substance revealed, incapable, no veracity
Appalled by defeat, the most foreign flavor
No submission given, now disgraced forever
Stubborn ways persist, to the very end
Ruthless demonstration, witness the bloodbath
Destroy all threats, total eradication
Can't be defeated knowing I could stop you
Must earn then take, the privilege of taking me down
Sneaky fucks hiding in the shadows
Coward's way to bringing the pain
Fuck you all and feel the wave of
Power that runs through my veins
With your character exposed
Proves I need eyes behind me
All your best men are down
Will meet my end never knowing

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