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Descend Into Depravity - text

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Forgetting promise made in the campaigns
Voting down the line repeating all the talking points
No desire to advance anything but stature
Keeping up the facade reaping all the benefits
Decadence, accepting bribes, to east to bank on the fraudulent
Painless inequity, swapping favors to increase your posture
Forgetting constitutes, only polls will make you pause stockpiling
Latch on, faceless cause,partisan progress lets you proceed
It's not the what it started, but the reward came effortless
Not considered corrupt, just shadily comfortable
Inflating your relevance, citing others deeds as your own
In the pursuit of acclaim, swaying your disciples to give
In the wake of allegations, stay behind the party line
Take admissions to the grave, distract with current
Shape and distort the gaze of the public eye, implicate a counterpart
Degenerative efforts from confusion, a simple game innate to DNA
The celestial altar of fortune,
persuading men to maliciously guard
Exchanging ideas, assets, or support,
protecting the culture of greed
Solidifying your place in the institute,
circling weapons always on call
Rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities,
making sure that you are required
Relaxed immorality takes getting used to
Transformation easy tasting the prize
Merit of compensation roughly void
Perverse means to warrant return
Crooked malevolence can inspire some to rise
Above the law, untouchable prominence
Portraying the figure the followers adore
Preying on the people you preach to help
Lobbying for earmarks sanctioned for them
Starling revelation, entitlement is yours
Dishonesty the tool to keep your pockets full
Affecting everyone whether or not they backed you
Fuck them anyway because they'll contribute too

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Descend Into Depravity

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