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[Verse 1]
Bodies litter the highway
But that's just my way of telling you I'm here
So don't you fear, don't fear my dear
Come near, come near
Deep in the heart of Texas
The solar plexus
And the region down below
If you don't know
I'll flow the blow by blow, by blow
It's not that we don't love you
It's just that we don't care
And when we're coming down beware
We must have blood, must have blood
We must have everything we need
To stay alive and then we breed
We must have blood , must have blood
We must have everything, everything
Everything [x4]
[Verse 2]
Out on that lonely highway
Out looking for a thrill
And where we're from it's kiss or kill (we will)

They say that love is a drug
In love we lie like a rug
But when we come and we come

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