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Trailer trash, fallen angel of the underclass
Teenage trollop with a perfect ass
Yeah, she moved in fast on me

When we first met, she was puffin’ on a cigarette
That demented junkyard Juliette
With Tourette’s of my dreams

The blonde hair and missing teeth
Cannot hide what’s underneath
That nyphomanic thief that stole my heart
The smell of Funyuns on her breath
When she was all spun out on meth
I knew she’d be the death of me

There she blows, sucked a golf ball through a garden hose
Two legs bragging how they never close in a gutter rosary
What could I do?
I got stuck on her just like a glue
She’d been huffing since the age of two
Now my lonely nights were through

Then that tornado ripped through town
Turned the whole world upside down
She vanished in a flash
With my credit cards and stash
Now I’m left here with this rash
And I’m sifting through the ash
For my tragic trailer trash

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