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Deadly eye, in a world that hate created
Deadly eye, with a lust that can't be sated deadly
I wonder why all the women drop and die when he walks by
Deadly eye, you won't never see him cry
The deadly eye, 'cause he's so glad to be alive and deadly
I wonder why they will testify against him at the trial
Recognize the Dwarves slay
Because you can't hide from the deadly eye
He Who Cannot Be Named
Bring on all the young girls and the free cocaine
F*ck you up and get high
And you still wonder why
"Blag Dahlia, today's my birthday, and I just wanted to let you know
A) you did not f*ck me properly or enough when you were in L.A. and
B) you never gave me one of your skanky little CD's. Today is my
Birthday and I've been getting so many really cool presents from all
These cute boys and you haven't even called me. You're just so Blag."

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