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Hooded Race - text


(1st Verse)

As it all unfolds, this world begins to an end but we developed the mould
Like a new born soul eyes open up into a life that I just don’t know
Far from alone, so far from a home we neighbour most who oppose
The thought of a living with the love propelled across zones
And an end to the rise of war and burnt homes
We all breathe with the same intention, bleed but then heal and they claim were different
And I got to be the one to claim hope in the bright notes but I know the downward slope declines slow
So blind to the happening we can reveal the eyes behind blackening
At the table of humanity gather in love and over throw the cause of this tragedy


I fear a future shaded by our thoughtless actions, the vanta-black that fills the sky reflects the madness
The earth is only young but hatred aged it faster, will we close up these open wounds and make a change before we leave?
Open your heart to let it breathe
The search for love will come with peace
Our scars have surfaced can’t you see? They’ve shown who we were but that can change we must believe


Have we all had enough, looking for a way out with the world in a rut
Looking down some are looking up above
When the reason is in front to be solved
But I know, it is not but a phase
Just part from the ways, the ways of the un natural thought break from the chain
Till we reconnect then we can all make change
Cause I’ve been looking for the reason why we cycle our past with the hate but I’ve given up
Sitting up and I’ve been thinking about it, if we could refresh our past would the bitterness simmer up?
Is it ever gonna get any better and then I wonder would it ever be the same if we never had no purpose to gain
Kill off the thought and the purpose to hate and search for the change
And it might seem tough but the diamond in rough won’t fade
We can’t wait to long we gotta push enough to make change
Take a step in the dark put a rest to the bark and the blade
Just open your chest invest into your heart, the rest will find us all calm in the shade so don’t be afraid

(2nd Verse)

Cause I’ve seen the potential in the brilliant minds of mankind invent than connect you
They rest the ones who inject the dark that made us believe we weren’t meant to
Be one with each other pull a gun to your brother pull the trigger and aim into the temple
Force out that negative one I’ll pull my clip out the gun and bring back the sun with the mental
The invented the boarded land then withdrew the touch of your daughters hand
But we evolve with economy to slaughter man so we can reclaim the love that’s stuck in our sands
Can we all take a chance, hold out your hand believe and just trust
Our finger prints won’t fade away from the lives we’ve touched


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