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Traumatised - text



I can't believe what I can see
A human? An alien? Something in between?
Strapped down screams, a white room red
Ripping flesh, her final breath

Chaos, fear, transfixed in place
Emerging form now taking shape
Trapped inside this deadly space
Death is here...

Is this a force of nature?
Can I relate to it for...

I need your mind to guide me
I need your strength inside me
How could I be so blind?

Fear is sending me blind
I can't breathe inside
An infant's mind but so much more
Is reaching out to all

Horror, hatred, deep in shock
All thoughts are known to me
Can't comprehend what I've done wrong
Death I fear...

This is no force of nature
I can relate to it for...

I want your mind to guide me
I want your strength inside me
How can fear be kind?

SOLOs: Tim

Join with me and you will see the key to human destiny
Release the pain and suffering, transforming bland society
Evolving form, evolving mind, I'll show you what you're meant to be
Beyond the realm of stagnant life, I offer you infinity!

Dripping blood the only sound
Silent stares from all around
Rising up the creature smiles
Its purpose realised

Reach within unknowing minds
Steal knowledge, strength, all life it finds
The final human chapter told
Now death is here!

There is contempt of nature
There's no relation here, 'cos...

I have your mind to guide me
And I have your strength inside me

I have your minds inside me
Leaving human life behind me
You're traumatised....

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