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Tarranno del Mar - text


I, King of the sea
A galleon ship, the waves of torment and destiny
A thousand winds bear our gust, my eyes are blinded by hate
With the hammer of war and evil onboard
At the edge of hell we await

A pauper's son, a god reborn
My name is death's last kiss
The iron cross of Usthanates
From the secrets of the deep

There's an evil force inside of me
Will it end, I do not know
Unholy force that lives inside my dreams
To the gates of hell we roar
Down below...

Blood and battle-scarred, the sea my domain
None shall pass the Maybelle alive
Victims forty score, my sails filled from hell
Victims of the seven seas...


SOLO: (sweeps) Stu / Both / Tim / Both


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One Step Beyond

Dungeon texty

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