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Surface Tension - text


Oh, we all live by the lie
As children we comply
Dark feelings we deny

You see it in my eyes
And feel the anger rise
From deep inside

Beneath the surface tension
The waves start to break
And face the truth that lies within
You're screaming...

Anger builds inside of me
See the world as it should be
Lived a life of agony
Breaking point, we can't control the rage...

Oh, we face another day
And try hard to restrain
The fire beneath our skin

Resign yourself to fate
Release yourself from pain
Before it's too late


Day after day, year after year
Not a thing changes in my mundane life
Every morning I tighten the noose around my neck
And try to fit in with society
Face after face, line after line
It's an endless stream of morons
One day I'll make them pay
One day soon I feel I'm just about to BREAK!

SOLO: Stu / Tim


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