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Netherlife (Black Roses Die) - text



A shadow falls upon the night
A freezing cold and fear - my herald call

A noble man once long ago
Now evil burns within my soul
The power is mine, no one I fear
When life or death is my command
I'd trade it all to turn back time...

I was once a mortal man
Saw jealousy arise - my pride and fall

I do not live, I cannot die
I'm cursed to walk these streets alone
Eternal life but not alive
The Banshees cry my tragic tale
Every morning with the dawn...

Blackened heart, blackened soul, netherlife
All I am, all I feel, all I see
Black roses die...

SOLO: Tim / Stu

From the night I betrayed my world
And myself
I still feel the flames

Burned - scarred

What is left of me? What remains?

Cursed - scorned

My foolish pride!
Eternal life, eternal death - I paid the price...

SOLO: Stu / Tim / Tim


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