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Yes I know
We`re born a little bit surprised
We went a litlle far this time
Oh no
We`ve got too many things to lose
Don`t wanna live my life this way
From a moment that lingered too long
To a battle that never can be won
So wrong yeah
Thought it`s love we bothwant
It`s a love we don`t need
Let`s sit here in silence
Let out hearts bleed
That it`s hard to be strong
When you`re feeling so weak
Till the night`s over
Don`t suffer alone
Suffer with me
So here we are
Standing in an empty room
I`m trying not look at you
That way
Cos I care
Thought it`s hurting me so much inside]
I`m trying just to be your friend today
It`s a song that should have never be sung
It`s a race that should have never be ran
So wrong yeah

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