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Sister's in the old barn, sleeping off a big storm
Brother's at the pool hall, thinking all his bad thoughts
Papa's in the cellar, sneaking off a quick drink
And god is up in heaven, no one cares what he thinks


Shining down, shining down

Mama's living in her grave, buried with the frying pan
I'm just sitting on the porch, waiting for the mailman
Papa doesn't have much hope, he wishes things were better
when I get a chance to leave, it's gonna be forever


Shining down, shining down ... yeah

At night sometimes I take a walk, down by
the power lines
Somewhere I can be alone, sit and smell the ozone
God says "don't you be afraid" he can make it better
If I get a chance to leave, it's gonna be forever

shining down, shining down, shining down,
shining down

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