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There Ain't No Easy Run - text

I was sittin' in the terminal waitin' for my load
When a greenhorn driver came in off of the road
I heard him tell that foreman get my little pink slip
This run's too tough and I'm gonna quit
Now the foreman that day happened to be old Joe
Man he was older than time
He said, "Son, how long you been drivin' this rig
You know I drove all shapes, forms, fashions and kinds
Here you are worried about this one little trip
Why I drove a million miles and then some"
He looked that greenhorn right in the eye and he said
Boy there ain't no easy run
"I drove for Roadway, Interstate, Hopewell, Great Lakes
Overnight and Time, Mayflower and Freight Line
Specter, Yellow Transit, Western, and Gillette
Redball, Rider Northwestern, Big CF
Beaver & Bell, Hoover and McLeans
Gateway Motor Freight , Transport, Vikings
Dixie, Ohio, and Trans American Some
East Texas, Mason Dixon, Watkin and Transcon
Wilson Associate got all that drivin' done
And I'll tell you boy there ain't no easy runs"
"Now if you got a gal in Texas, they'll send you up to Maine
If you got a gal in New York, they'll send you out to the plains
I know what your problem is you got woman trouble, son
Well like I said there ain't no easy run"
"I drove for Navajo, Brady, Goose, DC
North American, Allied, Chicago Motor Freight & Pie
Bee Mac & Curtis, Eastern and NX
Garrett & Ace, Federal & ETM
And Neptune Hereon, Brinks and Sea Lab
Dudley, Dorsey Bekins and Cunningham
Cooper, Mc Roary, Jones and American too
Acme and Central & Standard and Boston Sue
And Yunhan and Buckingham got all that drivin' done
And I'll tell you, boy there ain't no easy run"
I went backward, forwards, uphill, downhill
Chills spills thrills and pills
And how about Atlas & Cramer
Alabama, Hiway Express, Murphy Line
And Long, and Harris, General Stickland, Eden & Key
How about that Nashville by-pass on a Friday afternoon
That'll blow yer shorts off
That's sumpin else
Then there's, Atlanta, Daily, McCray, Wheeling, Rockwell, Gilbert

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