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Man you get busy now
no more delay
Quit with old habits
Think with your brain
Bypass the system
Don’t do what they say
Join the resistance
And never obey
Turn on your wisdom
So you can see wider
Abandon all “isms”
Become a fighter
For the right cause
make right decision
Release your anger
Welcome to Collision
Man you have to hurry up, the hope is fading
Many dark actors playing their roles
Timing is so critical, so step out of the shade
Search doesn't end till’ the truth is exposed.
People are skeptical, news that they’re hearing
Just a preparation for the new war?
All this subliminal messages receiving
They believe the lies while the truth is ignored.
24/7 news cycle is spinning
producing falseness, outta control
With governmental seal of approval
trusty media choir
Blinded by the lights, the words that you’re scared with
Keep your mind focused and stay on your course
Stand for what is right, no place for retreat!
We will need a witness when it starts to get warm.
Don't dig too deep
Way deep in a hole
You wanna know more
Are you sure?

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Wild Wild East

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