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We really don't think
of what matters for y'all
only goal is keep
that money flow going on
regardless what,which cause
there's no pressing in a pause
in greed we trust, it doesn't matter what's
the cost,yeah
we're blank and hollow
don't care for tomorrow
no hard pills to swallow
don't want to see your sorrow
our sole intention for future
is to grab all we can
just understand that we don't care
if it doesn't suit you
until we get it all!
this time is money
and we're playing the game
who's to blame when we end up
in the hall of the lame
there's really nothing much left
only sculls and bones
we ended up living lives as corporate whores
we got millions,high demands
our kingdom built on your sweat
wonder does it makes us sinners
but machine keeps making cash every day
you are blind,deaf and dumb
and you have nothing to say
we're making making making money,
we'll do all to make the cash keep comin'
sold illusion spreading confusion
create a problem
then come with a solution
smoke and mirrors,sold down the river
we tell who loses,who's the winner
it's all about PR ,we hide behind
we're filthy rich
with just one thing on our mind
hunger always grows
for more and more
it's running out of control
instead of progress we fall
until we lose it all!
we're making making making money,
we'll do all to make the cash keep comin'

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