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"Lord Owen arrived in Sarajevo. He brought a clear message to the people of Bosnia.
Owen: Don't, don't, don't live under this dream that the West is going to come in and solve this problem out. Don't dream dreams."
Sudden confront
Aggression on the front
Prime-time human disaser
Big heads never ask
What happens after
Their filthy ideas
Got the blinded people
Crawl down on their knees
Here's their politic, a big trick
Echo of the gun click
From the white creek
To the black peak
Global distress
Control whole media and press
The time has come for them
To feel the stress
What we saw
People slaughtered
On their doors
Ething cleansing observed
And therefore supported
By UN force
So why the fuck
They were here for?!
General Morillon: "You are now under the protection of the UN forces"
While they live on our life source
Ignorance is ther force
So no remorse
Could it be worse
We've never lived
By our choice
Here's the noise
Of people left with no voice
U.S. eye in the sky
Couldn't be missed by
They watched the whole scene
Today they dare to deny
Democracy with the fake smile
Forces upon whole world to apply
Freedom coma' one day
They planted an evil seed
Used their lie force so it would proceed
Instead of food it grew into hate and greed
Never gave the people what they need
So we better take a lead
We'll never let them change our believes
Use your mind, unity is what we need
We can stop their game
Our lives they're playing with
Mind, mind, mind
Better try to survive
This game full of crime
The truth can't be modified
We all know that the lie
Can't be justified
I will testify
After we suffered genocide
Then we were struck with the urbicide
Lots of them died to get to the other side
Those who survived, almost lost their mind
Recognize, realize, be wise
Clock is ticking away
Time is slipping away
Blood is spilt today
I'll be critical, mystical, lyrical
In the white hall
Blood on the people wall
Who stole the soul of the people
I heard somewhere we're all equal
Guess they don't want us to be free
From here to the deserts
From past to the present
Democracy with the fake smile
Forced upon whole world to apply
While we're living in hypocrisy
Fuck this democracy

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