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Man you can’t sleep, you must have a vision
On the crossroad when faced with decision
Lessons to learn but there’s no teacher
Will you do your best, or listen to preacher?
Find the puzzle pieces, solve the enigma
Like it when it’s real or you’re down with fiction?
Thoughts can be free or caught in a prison
Would you compromise and take what’s given?
With eyes wide open
Good way is chosen
Dread zone around us
Keep mind sober
Respond to a danger
Political engagement
Will you be a statue
when you can be a changer
Tough conditions, gotta make a decision
Turn your radars on, turn off television
Darkness or light, legal or forbidden
Will this ever end or is it set to continue?

Will you play the right role?
Will you choose the right road?

When lies are spoken
truth is broken
Don’t stand aside
and be like frozen
TV exposure
Hype made up for ya’
Look over your shoulder
Don’t be a joke
Can’t be wrong, create your opinion
Chose for yourself which voice do you listen
There’s so many facts you must consider
Let yourself go with the flow of the river
Now I can see you ride in a dream, trying to bring back hope.
What do you see? What do you feel? Do you fear or you are brave and strong?

Will you play the right role?
Will you choose the right road?

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Wild Wild East

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