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The bosnian rastafary
In the middle of the countries
The heart of the bosnian rastafaria
Riddim is full of culture ya'
What they gonna do
With our bosnian styla'
We will show you how it
Goes on with our figta'
I wanna try to give
I wanna try to live
I wanna try to give now
Rollin that shit
Smokin that shit -2x
Bosna Man
Riddim and the sound
That's bad, so bad
When they see me
Walkin' down the street
They can say:
"watch this dread man"
He's odd, not a right man
But I'm the righteous man
Say dem' a full man
They saw no concrete
See dem no warriors
Dem never freestyle
See dem don't move
Send dem a home man
Where dem a come from
Right now it comes from another town
(Stay) way far far far
Full of passhana
What they gonna do with our
Bosnian styla'
We want to try to give new
Sound from our minda'
Because a lot of struggle
Came from Angola
About that talkin' talkin' talkin'
Big Mandela
Because everything started
From Afrika
And it will finish in a
Proud black Etiopia
Full of passhana

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