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"All Equal" feat BEE2 - text


Change needs time
and time needs action
Get out on the streets
start a chain reaction

Raise your head up!
Don’t wait for a cue!
When, if not now?
Who, if not you?

Fuck presidents,
fuck parliaments,
fuck governments
On every continent
same lame arguments

Never interfere
with their master plans
They gonna send you rubber bullets
and the riot vans

So, slip from the grip
don’t fall to their trick
There’s only way down
when pushed from a cliff

Bring it all out,
put your cards on the table
Shout it out loud,
let them hear
what we’re made of

Here comes the raidDon’t be afraid
Tear gas grenade
can’t stop this parade

Down on the streets
Is the sound of the people
Each one is different
but we are all equal

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