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Kernunnos, Veles and Freir
Horned gods of sorcery
In your honor we beget children
During ceremonies
At the holy mountains
Bondening the chain of our kind
By links of the sacred blood
They were Gods of holy spirits
That dwell in trees of the forests,
Stones, rivers and thunder,
That brings us the flame of fire
Spirits dwelled in our lands
From the beginning
We might to speak
At one language with nature
Knowledge that was lost
Since priests of new god came
They claimed our gods as devils
They are impersonaled
Forces of nature
And gave her power
To the crucified one,
From the folk of the sands
The tribe of cowardices,
That knows no rivers. no forests
And no song of the wind
Spirits hidden in
Dark woods
And swamps
In frightening guise
They guard sleeping gods
Until the time
When they will be awakened
By new disciples
of the old faith

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Disciples of the Old Faith

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