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It goes over the heads of the walking dead
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
They all realize but don't criticize
Waiting for inertia to take its leave
You can leave it like this like it won't be missed
Leave it 'til we all have passed away
Or for self-esteem and the hope we need
Throw all of ourselves into the quiet fray
It doesn't seem natural
It just seems that for all
The trouble people go to
The river always flows to
The sea of indifference
And the ocean of self-deception
It all seems the same nobody to blame
And no one has any crosses to bear
But the lies we say still hammer away
Bedeviling voices of guilt blare
The clamor appears to sensitive ears
And its dealt with in many different ways
You make your own choice deal with your own voice
An expensive price to have to pay
And on it will go though some phantoms know
Metamorphism gains upon the dead
Communication in alteration
To lead us all from where we've been led
And there's one more thing one more song to sing
Always been the most important of all
What will be will be though you might not see
The dead all hear Existence's call

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