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Written and decreed on a book of blood
The annual battle of the Twin Towers
Thirty thousand in Popolac
Thirty thousand in Podojevo
Waiting for the hands of death to
Strike the hour
Go forth: live for your brother
Bricks of flesh all of the Tower
Follow the traditions of the hag
The strongest of limb the cells of the foot
The strong of arm the muscle
Bald headed children each tooth
Roped all together the people are the meat
Go forth tied to your brother
Sacrifice all for the Tower
The cities in the hills
Living out madness
Construction of the giants
The ultimate tyrant
Regret the fall of the giant
Podojevo lives no more
The river runs in scarlet
Living proof of madness
A weakness in the muscle
Broke the flank which broke the back
Reality takes its toll
Popolac is all that stirs
Run in shadow Popolac
You are all that survives
Broken wings of sanity
The giant is uncontrolled
The eyes still see, the feet crush all
Leave nothing standing
But the cells in the mind
Cannot play their role
Madness in the hills, City on the loose
Marching onward in damnation

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