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I ain't no died in the wool
You never know what next I'll pull
You might get sick of all my bull
'Cause I'm a real bona-fide
Master of the silly and snide
Watch out for caterpillars in your french fries
There's no need for your ears to smoke
I was only playing a joke
You get that shotgun out of here
I've seen policemen around here
Sometimes I go too far
Taking the lug nuts off your car
Putting dead frogs in your pickle jar
Check out the seat in the john
Make sure what you're sitting on
The paint might be wet and that's no con
(Repeat CHORUS)
I'll be the life of your party
I'll be the death of you yet
Do you think you'll out-do me?
My smile might give me away
While I try to screw up your day
To be my buddy you got to pay
The price is your raging face
While you chase me all over the place
In your eye-drops there's some Mace
(Repeat CHORUS)

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