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Clouds grow darker, thunder roars
Mountains crumble to never more
Fear no more nuclear winter
Mother Nature's punishing the sinners
Sound and sight so vivid, so real
Worst nightmare I ever had
In my mind all held revealed
The final outcome was all pre-planned
Tsunami washes all away
Volcano belies the day
Drunk on power nature roars
Shore now sea and sea now shore
Armageddon, speak your name
All men hang your heads in shame
Who spent your lives building weapons to frighten
The point is moot now as Mother Earth enlightens
In the nightmare an earthquake starts
Cracks appear underfoot, freezing my heart
Fire singes my heart and skin
Please notify my next of kin
Free-fall to my death below
Hell or heaven, where will I go?
I start and wake from the dream
My bed on fire I began to scream
All is lost, no nightmare was this
Mighty forces of Nature's first
Pulverize all that mankind was
To begin again from the essence of love

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