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We took from the farm and gave to the new
Just to see what we could do with what we knew
We stepped out of the Old World with no special
Purpose in mind
Just to see what we could see and find what
We could find
Imagine our surprise at ourselves when we wanted
To leave it
And go back to where all is simple and you can
Believe it
Where's the ultimate goal
Wishing it was all undone?
It rips away your soul
The burden weighs a ton
Dark Travel
To many Dark Travellers weaving our own
Tattered webs
Paying off our consciences only to start
Over again
Sometimes existing in a well-populated solitude
A place where every living man can see it all
And brood
Dark Travel -
It's not a way
Of life
Is it progress?
It rips you 'tit you die
Dark Travel
Well the boys that you play along with
They don't seem to have what it takes
Blown yourself into the unreal
For your sake you'd better awake
Give yourself a break
Keep rollin' the Paradise Wheel
But for now it seems that this unhappy
Journey will go on
All of the hollow faces and the
Indiscreet Charm
No one even vaguely aware of any
Chance of Charm
Plow the fields and pave the roads of
The Schizophrenia farm

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