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They have Claws to grip you
To hold you there in place
And make you disappear without a trace
Better believe what I tell you
Trouble on the way
You'll see fear is the order of the day
If you've got the money
Better buy your freedom now
'Cause you won't have it for long anyhow
Here they are to clutch you
Greedy Claws of vulture
Better run don't stop to take a bow
Run away,
Fangs emitting noise and
Here they are
Claws injecting poison
You will see
Power plays abounding
By decree
Claws with strength astounding
Better listen brother
The Claws seek out the good
The Claws seek out the good
The Claws seek out the good
Hear what I say, child
Where you gonna go, what to do
No time to think
Caught in manacles, robbed of sight
Too confused to put up a fight
Can't live without, can't live with
Trapped by law
Love is the motto, Hate the truth
Prisoners of Fear, of the Claws
(Repeat CHORUS)

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